Light Induced Compression of Dust clouds

Welcome to the website of the LICOD team

LICOD stands for "Light Induced Compression of Dust clouds", an experiment which will be carried out with help of the REXUS program.

What is the experiment all about?

On the earth based experiments the dust will settle fast on the ground because of the gravity and atmospheric pressure. But what happens when light strikes particles without gravity in a vacuum, the standard conditions of space?
The particles get a pulse from the light and drift away from the source of light. This effect is called photophoresis and has a huge impact on the particles. And the amount of particls with these conditions is about a major proportion of the total illuminated material. To research the effects of photophoresis we want to experiment with the help of the REXUS program.
REXUS (short for: Rocket-experiments for Univerity-Students) is a German-Swedish student program and gives the opportunity to experiment with those conditions. The experiments of the final-groups will be installed in a six-meters high rocket. In Kiruna (Sweden) the rocket will lift of, reach a high of 100 km (thermosphere) and fall down back to earth. You can use the altitude profil or the absence of gravity for your experiments.

Our Team:

Here you can see from left to right the members of the LICOD-team: Sven Eliasson, Lucia Boden, Robert Münnich, Mathias Schywek, Markus Küpper, Marc Köster und Raphaela Mumme. Benedikt Elliasson is missing here.

Our leader is Markus. Lucia and Robert are responsible for outreach, sponsoring and documentation. The hardware design is managed by Raphaela and Mathias. Mathias is also responsible for the scientific design and evaluation together with Marc and Markus. Sven manages the electrical design und Benedikt does the programming. The team is supported by AG Wurm, ZARM , DLR and ESA.

More details of REXUS: